Wednesday, January 29, 2014

About an invasion that never happened

So, a while back ago, when Monte Cook's Numenera sprung out to existence, our group wanted to test it. Given the premise of being sci-fi-ish RPG rather than trad fantasy, I wrote an intro, which would start very much like DCC RPG's funnel, but every player would create one 0th level character. Foci, descriptors etc. would be added on the fly, on appropriate moment, good role-playing etc. Everyone would start out with abilities of 10 and effort 1.

So, minimal background, first:
I live in a certain town in a certain alpine valley, which is somewhat famous for what happened here during the WW1. Because of the front, landscape is drilled with tunnels, trenches, nearby mountains and remote ravines still hide rusted scraps of weapons, bomb shrapnel and skeletal remains of the fallen. Such is the case of Castle, a hill that rises two hundred meters above the basin, on top of which ruins of thousand year old bastion still stand. The hill is drilled with caverns and there is a legend that a secret tunnel leads from the castle to town below. The cavern system is vast and not completely explored because of many cave-ins and seismic activity in the area.

Valley of Emerald River
This document is not polished, nor finished, as we never really had a chance and will to play it, so feel free to use it if you like it. I found out that cypher system was not my cup of tea, anyways.

You can grab The Egg Of Smohl here.

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