Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Swag 1

Treasure is one of the key elements of a traditional fantasy role playing game and something one can never have too much of. I like to run games with a prepared list of strange and funky items on hand, to pepper and salt my games as required.

Golem Chainsaw

Of intricate dwarfish craftsmanship, this large brass and ceramic box has various handles and lever, while within it conceals a tandem of specialized golems that power the chainsaw. Sages disagree whether it was made to cut down trees or plow through opponents, but whatever the case is, it remains a noisy testament to a time when mortals thought they could harness the elemental forces with impunity.

The chainsaw is heavy and unwieldy, if used as a weapon it requires two hands to wield and has a -3 to hit penalty. It does, however, deal 3d6 points of damage on a successful strike. An attack roll of 1 means something has jammed and the chainsaw is unusable for the rest of the combat.

Value: approximately 30 to 3000 gp, depending on the buyer.

Mossy Mittens

Flimsy mittens of a damp and moldy cloth decorated with intricate geometric spirals and shapes. Some might say they are of swamp elven manufacture, while others would disagree, pointing out that elves do not exist. In any case, the mittens seem ordinary, if shoddy, articles of clothing until they come in contact with moss. The a magical moss sprouts from the mittens, completely covering the wearer in a carpet of green growths and little flowers. The moss remains for several hours, before shriveling up and sloughing off. It can also be scraped off manually, which takes at least 10 minutes.

When still and hiding the wearer of the moss receives up to a +10 bonus to hide, depending on the environment. When moving, the moss-covered fellow receives a -2 penalty to physical activities, due to moss in his eyes and itchy moss all over his body, however the damp moss does provide a +1 bonus to AC and a +3 bonus against fire.

Value: up to 300 gp to the right buyer.

Source: National Geographic

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